The Fifteen Whispered Prayers of Imam Sajjad (a.s.) Journaling Edition
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A Munajat Journal with all fifteen Whispered Prayers from Sahifa e Sajjadiya in Arabic and English. Each prayer is followed by a brief journaling section, and the journal includes space for readers to write their own munajat.

This journal is made specifically for youth and young adults; although, adults of all ages are welcome to use it. The journal gives readers the opportunity to reflect and jot down their thoughts after each munajat and also record overall thoughts at the end of the journal. Created under the guidance of Sheikh Salim Yusufali, this journal is designed to give guidance to readers through the words of Imam Sajjad (a.s.). There is also a calendar at the beginning of the journal that suggests specific days of the week for each munajat, although readers can read whichever munajat they feel they will connect with most that day. We hope you find this journal beneficial.

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Duʿās & ZiyārātAṣ-Ṣaḥīfah as-Sajjādiyyah
Grades 6-1211th, 12th
Islamic MonthsMuḥarram, Ṣafar, Shaʿbān
OtherYoung Adults
PersonalitiesImām as-Sajjād (ʿa)
Resource TypesJournal, PDF
Tārīkh (Events & Occasions)Spiritual Season

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